How We Serve

Mission Increase
Mission Increase teaches Christian ministries to embrace and deploy a biblical approach to fundraising so that ministries are more fully achieving their God-given missions and engaging more of God’s people in their work.

Mission Columbus seeks to advance critical social and spiritual causes by promoting collaborative efforts between Christian organizations and churches that serve those causes.

In affinity groups, we bring together leaders from church and parachurch ministries which serve similar causes. These groups are for leaders to connect and better know each other, communicate what’s happening in their ministries, pray for each other, and look for ways to work together to advance their cause. Current groups include Immigrant and Refugee Ministries, Drug Recovery Ministries, Workplace Leaders Forum, with Centers of Hope under formation.

Thriving Cities
Thriving Cities is committed to helping scholars, foundations, city officials, religious leaders, politicians, business people, nonprofits, and residents alike answer the question, what does it mean and take to thrive in my city and how can I contribute?

Thriving Cities

Thriving Cities is in a study of 10 US mid-size cities, including Columbus. They provide Mission Columbus with tools to accurately measure our city’s progress in addressing critical societal needs as well as regular briefings on emerging trends from other cities. The desired outcomes are a better use of local resources, enhanced collaboration among community stakeholders around key priorities and a more precise assessment of our city’s progress in becoming a thriving community.

Leader Enrichment
Mission Columbus seeks to enrich the personal lives and ministries of current and future Christian leaders through pastor fellowship and equipping groups, mentoring relationships and learning groups.

The Pastors Discipleship Network equips pastors and their congregations in the practice of disciple-making through a relational and instructional experience with other pastors and leaders. Local pastors and leaders from various denominations meet regularly in small groups to share personal and ministry needs and to pray for each other, their churches and the community.

Many young pastors and leaders are eager for the opportunity to learn from the experience and wisdom of older, more seasoned leaders. Mentoring discussions include marriage and family, personal spiritual development, finances, career, and leadership. A year-long learning group helps young leaders grow in their personal life and leadership skills and their understanding of citywide ministry.
The Caleb Network

Caleb Network
Mission Columbus developed The Caleb Network as an interactive website for Central Ohio Christians to find service opportunities in local churches and Christian organizations and for churches and organizations to connect with potential volunteers.

Columbus Tutoring InitiativeThe Columbus Tutoring Initiative
CTI is a joint venture between Mission Columbus and Central Ohio Youth for Christ to provide in-school tutoring for elementary-age students whose reading skills fall below their grade level. The CTI works with central Ohio churches, businesses, colleges, and civic organizations to provide volunteer leaders and tutors for each program.