The evidence is everywhere—God’s kingdom has already come! 🌍

Tyler Flynn, Executive Director

Impact Report, March 2019

Although our national government is mired in chaos and dysfunction, we can take great comfort in knowing that the glorious King we serve reigns with absolute power over a universal kingdom that is indestructible and will last forever. The Good News is—God’s kingdom has already come and evidence of its presence and power is everywhere. 

Hear the words of the prophet Daniel…

In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man coming with the clouds of heaven. 
He approached the Ancient of Days and was led into his presence.   
He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him. 
His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.

Daniel 7:13-14 (NIV)

The efforts of Mission Columbus are only a tiny fraction of all that God is doing through the Body of Christ in central Ohio. We encourage you to get involved in your church or ministry of choice and serve a Kingdom that will endure through eternity!

Tyler Flynn, Executive Director

People we know | Kevin Vereide

Age: 60
Residence: Westerville
Church: Scarlet City
Occupation: Claims Director with Nationwide Insurance

Q: What area of Christian service interests you?
A: Ministry with immigrants and refugees, particularly with refugees from Somalia.

Q: What got you interested?
A: I did a study on what the Bible says about immigrants and refugees. I knew the Bible spoke to this subject but I was surprised how strong God expresses his care for these displaced peoples. After this study I sensed God asking me, “Kevin, are you biblical?” The Holy Spirit was leading me to realize that being biblical means taking action.

Q: How did you connect and get started?
A: My wife, Lindy, and I signed up with World Relief to welcome a Somali family when they first arrived in the US. The first meeting was awkward. We were very different. Lindy and I began to help with language, driving, and other needs. Quickly the awkwardness was gone and our times together were filled with laughter and friendship.

Q: How are you involved today?
A: I continue to help with things such as insurance, job applications, driving, and college applications, however, I primarily just gather with friends. Conversations with these friends often involve talking about our faiths.

Q: What about this brings you the greatest satisfaction?
A: It is satisfying to experience relationships and to share about Jesus.

Q: Any plans for retirement?
A: I hope that after a couple more years in my current job I can change to a position that is focused on ministry to immigrants and refugees.

Equipping Organizations

Mission Increase

Mission Increase
Mission Columbus offers Christian organizations biblically-based teaching and coaching about developing their donors through its partnership with Mission Increase. Mission Increase Area Director Wally Martinson leads workshops, book studies and coaching to help leaders motivate their donors to be more fully involved in their ministry’s cause.

Wally Martinson

To learn more about Mission Increase and how your organization can receive this training, visit the website.

Kingdom ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator
This valuable tool was developed by Saint Wall Street and is sponsored by Mission Columbus. The calculator makes it possible for leaders to measure the actual outcomes and financial impact of their ministry within central Ohio. It’s available to ministry leaders now.

Enriching Leaders  

Leader Learning Group
Gathering monthly for one year, Tyler meets with groups of next-generation leaders to sharpen their understanding of and application of leadership skills for the advancement of the Gospel. As they read and discuss selected books, their life and leadership skills are refined, their vision for God’s work in the city is enlarged, and their interpersonal relationships are enriched. The 2018-19 group ended in March and a new group will start this spring.

Pastor and Leader Support
Pastors and leaders value the opportunity to share their personal concerns and ministry challenges with a trusted confidant and to receive counsel from an experienced leader.

Elevating Causes

Mission Columbus brings together leaders from church and para-church ministries who serve the same causes. The purpose of the Elevate groups is for leaders to connect and better know each other, to communicate what’s happening in their ministries, to pray for each other, and look for ways to work together to advance their cause. Email Tyler Flynn to learn more about any of these groups.

Elevate Groups

  • The High School group is up made of leaders from Young Life, Youth for Christ and Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as the youth pastors of two area churches. They are creating a map of all the schools in Franklin County where there are current Christian ministries.
  • The Drug Recovery group is comprised of the leaders of four Gospel-centered residential drug treatment programs. They are planning a summit for Christian recovery ministries, and they are developing a set of standards to measure the effectiveness of Gospel-centered recovery ministries.
  • The Immigrant/Refugee group is a representative team of leaders who are involved and passionate about ministry to immigrants and refugees. They are sponsoring a Prayer Gathering for immigrants and refugees on Saturday, April 13 from 12:15- 2:30 PM at the Youth for Christ City Life Center (40 Chicago Ave, Columbus, OH 43222). Lunch is provided! Email Trish with questions. Sign up here
  • The Anti-Human Trafficking group is made up of leaders from multiple organizations that serve this critical cause. They meet periodically for interpersonal sharing and prayer.
  • The Workplace Ministry Forum represents ministries that equip Christian men and women to extend the Gospel to their colleagues at work.
  • HOPE Centers is made up of leaders of a dozen ministries that provide food, clothing, and employment counseling to the neediest people in central Ohio.
  • Exploration is under way for a central Ohio collegiate leaders group and a Christian counselors group.

For Your Prayer

The power that propels this ministry flows from the faithful and faith-filled prayers of dedicated Christians like you.

Praise God for… 

  • The Drug Recovery, Immigrant/Refugee and High School Elevate groups are developing collaborative projects that will “elevate” the impact of their respective causes. 
  • Leaders are exploring the possibility of forming an Elevate group for Christian counselors and for central Ohio collegiate leaders.
  • Mission Columbus is forming a group to identify spiritual and societal trends that will impact central Ohio churches and ministries so the Church is prepared to respond to the challenges and opportunities coming its way.
  • Mission Increase is birthing a project that will encourage and equip para-church organizations to share the Gospel through their regular ministry functions.
  • The four young leaders in this year’s Leader Learning Group will “graduate” this month.
  • The Sacred Sector Project is set to begin in March. The project is a nine-month training for 25 local churches and para-church organizations in how to respond to the legal challenges facing Christian organizations.
  • The search for the next executive director of Mission Columbus has begun.

Ask God for… 

  • Guidance in the selection of the group of leaders for the 2019–2020 Leader Learning Group, which is set to start in April.
  • Favor on the Mission Increase evangelism initiative…the Sacred Sector Project…and the effort to bring greater unity between Caucasian and African-American leaders.
  • Direction and resources for the Drug Recovery, Immigrant/Refugee and High School Elevate groups as they develop initiatives to impact their respective causes. 
  • Continued growth for each of the other Elevate groups (Anti-human Trafficking, Workplace and Hope Centers)…and direction for a possible Christian Counselors and a Central Ohio Collegiate Elevate group.
  • Guidance and discernment for Mission Columbus in its search for its next executive director. 
  • Continued encouragement and wisdom for the pastors in the monthly groups that Tyler leads and for the pastors and leaders he mentors.