The Central Ohio Evangelism & Discipleship Project

Report by Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo

Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo
Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo

In alignment with the mission and vision of Mission Columbus, Mission Increase Foundation (MIF), The Luis Palau Association and local partners, the Evangelism & Discipleship project was created to serve alongside Mission Increase Foundation and Central Ohio ministry leaders to provide city-wide impacting strategies to mobilize Christians in communities to reclaim their neighborhoods as sacred places for human flourishing in Central Ohio through the preaching of the Gospel.

The Evangelism and Discipleship Missionary will work to fulfill such vision and mission (as stated above) in three (3) folds:

a. Identify more overt goals and objectives for their ministries around evangelism and discipleship to prevent a Great Commission drift,

b. Meet these goals and objectives through workshops, small group training, coaching and

c. Provide best practice metrics to measure and report on these goals and objectives.

Number of Organizations Interviewed: 67
Areas of Ministries Concentration:
Since the project’s conception, 67 Para-Church organization leaders have been interviewed as we sought to connect with them by building intentional relationship, listening and gathering ‘best practicing models’ of evangelism & discipleship throughout Columbus and Central Ohio to better serve the city as we work to mobilize and equip the church for the work of the ministry.
Organizations interviewed can be categorized into several elevate groups:

  • Youth and Students Ministries
  • Women’s Ministries
  • Community Resources Centers
  • Professional Christian Counseling practices
  • Addiction & Recovery & Prison Ministries
  • Marketplace Ministries
  • Radio Ministries


  1. “The reception of this project on a citywide scale has been overwhelmingly well-received and very welcomed” by organizations’ leaders.
  2. Thus far the meetings and discussions with organizations’ leaders have served as an ‘eye-opener’ for organizations to reflect, consider and perhaps re-align themselves accordingly to prevent a Great Commission drift within their organizations.
  3. The aspects of collaboration, leveraging on the relationship between MIF; Mission Columbus and now LPA for the sole purpose of accelerating the Gospel in the city has been welcomed by the organizations’ leaders.


  1. Developing a Gospel ‘urgency’—believers need to be re-awakened with regard to understanding the ‘why’ behind their faith and their first commission to the Great Commission
  2. Preaching A ‘Whole Gospel’—Many organizations are struggling on ‘marrying’ the Great Commandment & Great Commission together—the ‘how’
  3. Developing A Gospel ‘fluency’: Many are struggling with ‘knowing’ the ‘what’ of the Gospel to properly communicate with non-believers while avoiding negative past experiences. Organizations are also struggling to come out with Gospel Strategies within their own ministries area of focus to properly share the gospel to those they serve
  4. Very few organizations developed any type of metric to ‘intentionally’ track and measure their ongoing efforts on evangelism and discipleship.
  5. Very few organizations have created a ‘culture ‘of evangelism/discipleship to avoid long-term Great Commission ‘drift’.
  6. An ongoing ‘servant’ evangelism coordinator to continue to work to build an intentional relationship with organizations and leaders with the intention to listen, learn, gather and collect ‘best practicing models’ of evangelism to better their organizations (through resources, training, on-going supportive role).
  7. Leveraging on our existing partnership with MIF to incorporate evangelism and discipleship as a possible training model/workshop within MIF.

Communicating the message of the Gospel in culturally relevant ways in the 21st century is necessary to the flourishing of our city. May the Lord renew deep conviction and enthusiasm within His Church for sharing the Gospel in our city. Let’s us pass on what we have learned, work and elevate the conversation on evangelism to create a citywide movement that will be a model for the nation and world.

Thank you for the opportunity and the privilege to serve Christ and His church through this project.