MissionColumbus is devoted to providing resources to congregations and ministries that will enhance their effectiveness both organizationally and in their mission.

Civil Society Tutorial
The Civil Society Tutorial was designed to help local community leaders understand and embrace their shared responsibility as “civil society builders.” The three guides in the tutorial unpack the essentials for your organization to be a unifying, high character collaborator that works with other organizations to build a better community…together. Download the three guides.

Mission Increase – Central Ohio
Mission Increase Central Ohio is a partnership with Mission Increase that seeks to “increase the mission” of Christian non-profit ministries by providing training and by matching cash grants in 17 areas of organizational life. MI offers a combination of small workshops and seminars, as well as personal consultations to train ministries in the 17 areas. Click here for more information about Mission Increase Central Ohio.

Ohio Measures and Metrics Forum
The Forum showcased two faith-friendly community-wide metric projects that we feel are critical for the renewal of cities and neighborhoods. Thriving Cities Project and Saint Wall Street showed how we might build a collaborative community to more effectively serve Ohio neighbors in need. View a video of the Forum.

Thriving Cities Indicator Explorer
A team of Thriving Cities researchers built a data-discernment tool for all seeking to measure the health and well-being of their community.  The interactive Indicator Explorer highlights today’s leading community indicators. While it allows users to explore the 300 most used indicators, investigating leading academic research on each of these indicators, it sits upon research over 100 community indicator projects, collectively using 3,300 total indicators.

The Holistic Ministry Survey for Communities
This survey was developed from the Holistic Model for the urban community of Franklinton. The survey is applicable to most urban communities with minor adaptations. Click to view this document.

The Holistic Ministry Survey for Youth
This is the youth version of the Holistic Ministry Survey for Communities. Click here.

Whole Life – Whole Community, Holistic Community Development Model
Whole Life – Whole Community provides a practical approach to community diagnosis, strategy building, partnership and co-laboring between churches to effectively reach their neighborhoods (rich and poor). The Model can be applied in any neighborhood by providing a roadmap for bringing a vibrant and focused gospel to that community. The Model helps define Biblical limits to the social involvement of the faith community so that finite kingdom resources do not become hopelessly overburdened on infinitely expanding social programs. Click here for the HCMM document.