Kevin Vereide | New Director of the Immigrant and Refugee Elevate Group

Kevin Vereide

During his 30-year career, Kevin Vereide worked in the insurance industry in various leadership positions. Several years ago, he completed a personal study of what the Bible teaches about immigrants and refugees. This study prompted Kevin and his wife, Lindy, to host a Somali family newly arrived in the United States. Since then, he continues to deepen relationships with the Columbus, Ohio Somali community.

Kevin joined the Immigrant and Refugee Elevate group when it formed in 2017. He serves as a volunteer with International Friendships, the National Prayer Breakfast, Orphans First, and the Cultural Exchange Language Café.

Kevin and Lindy attend Scarlet City Church. They have two adult daughters, Kaia and Carrie.

The Immigrant and Refugee Elevate group is dedicated to mobilizing local churches, para-church organizations and volunteers to serve the most vulnerable immigrants and refugees in central Ohio. The group endeavors to promote greater connection, communication, and collaboration among these ministries as they share the love of Christ with the nations God is sending to our area.