Impact Report, October 2018

Tyler Flynn

Tyler Flynn, Executive Director

Executive Director’s Report

What’s the difference between a good idea and a “God idea”? Good ideas aren’t necessarily bad—sometimes, perhaps often, they are from the heart of God. The Psalmist wrote Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. When we experience intimate fellowship with God, He fills our hearts with His desires.

How can we tell if our idea is from God?

One indicator is how many other people the idea will benefit. If it will benefit many people, there’s a good chance the idea is from God. However, an idea is almost never God’s if only one party wins and everyone else loses. An example of a God idea is Joseph’s plan to prepare Egypt for the coming famine—everyone accepted his plan because everyone from the Pharaoh to the peasants stood to benefit. And everyone did—including Joseph’s own family.

Another indicator is what Chuck Swindoll called the flow: when God’s in it, it flows. When God’s at work, people are inspired, there’s a sense of rightness, and people commit, step up and in time bring the idea to reality.

God’s flow also brings results. Like the grain of mustard seed, the Gospel brings exponential growth and expansion. The transformation of lives and communities accelerates…and the kingdom advances in such a pronounced way that God, and God alone, gets the credit.

This is a remarkable season for the Body of Christ in central Ohio. Ideas that churches and para-church ministries birthed over the past several decades have proven to be God ideas. Many of their ideas have blossomed into mature ministries.

Christians now are active in many of the most critical causes in our region, such as drug addiction recovery, anti-human trafficking, immigrant and refugee care, and compassion ministries providing food, clothing and job assistance to those in need. There’s also a growing number of ministries that are equipping Christian men and women to be disciple makers in the marketplace. And stellar organizations continue to reach youth and young adults on central Ohio campuses with the Gospel.

Mission Columbus is very grateful for the opportunity to serve the churches and Christian organizations that are laboring in these critical causes. This report highlights the impact our efforts are having on some of these ministries.

We are encouraged and we are hopeful. The flow is happening!

Equipping Organizations

Mission Increase

Wally Martinson

Wally Martinson

Mission Increase
Mission Columbus offers Christian organizations biblically-based teaching and coaching about developing their donors through its partnership with Mission Increase. Wally Martinson, Mission Increase Area Director, leads workshops, book studies, and individual coaching to help ministry leaders cultivate their donors to become more fully involved in their ministry’s cause.

Sixty-one area leaders attended a workshop on Communications that Connect. Ministry leaders were reminded of their dual calling to carry out the mission of their organization and also to develop the staff and volunteers that serve in the organization. Listen to Sara Tate in Donor Relations at Central Ohio Youth for Christ share the value she’s found in Mission Increase workshops. [VIDEO]

Visit Mission Increase to learn how your organization can participate in this training.

St. Wall StreetSaint Wall Street
Preparations are underway for Saint Wall Street to make available to Mission Columbus and its faith-based partners its web-based Program Return on Investment Calculator.

Enriching Leaders

Leader Learning Group
A group of four next-generation men and women meets with Tyler once a month for one year to sharpen their leadership skills for the advancement of the Gospel. As they read and discuss selected books, their life and leadership skills are refined, their vision for God’s work in the city is enlarged, and their interpersonal relationships are deepened. Books recently read—The Making of Leader (Clinton) and Center Church (Keller).

Pastor and Leader Support
Pastors and leaders value the opportunity to share their personal concerns and ministry challenges with a trusted confidant and to receive counsel from an experienced leader.

Elevating Causes

Mission Columbus is bringing together leaders from church and para-church ministries that are serving the same causes. The purpose of the Elevate groups is for the leaders to connect and better know each other, to communicate what’s happening in their ministries, and to pray for each other and look for ways to work together to advance their cause.

Elevate Groups

  • The High School group was launched with leaders from Young Life, Youth for Christ and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
  • The OSU Collegiate group had an extended session with Christian counselor Greg Shad to discuss the anxiety/depression epidemic at OSU. Read his 7 Tips for Reducing Anxiety.
  • The Drug Recovery group had a strategic planning retreat to develop a plan to coordinate and resource Christian recovery ministries in central Ohio. In this video, Tom Thompson, Founder of The Refuge discusses the value he finds in the Drug Recovery Elevate Group.
  • The Immigrant/Refugee group is developing a plan to map Christian I/R ministries in central Ohio and to launch a language initiative.
  • The Human Trafficking group experienced its first-ever time of interpersonal sharing and prayer.
  • The Workplace Ministry Forum’s most recent gathering focused on how to have authentic, trusting collaborations.
  • The HOPE Centers group is learning community development best practices from each other and visiting each other’s Centers.

Columbus Tutoring Initiative

Columbus Tutoring InitiativeThe trained tutors not only provide excellent academic interventions but more importantly, serve as mentors and friends to the students. They thrive on the positive attention given and they know the tutor is working to help them. Avondale is so fortunate to work with such an amazing group of people who dedicate their free time to helping our children succeed.

April Knight, Principal, Avondale Elementary School

Columbus Tutoring Initiative

Training Program Coordinators with the Columbus Tutoring Initiative.

The 2017-2018 results are in! 294 volunteers tutored 277 students in 18 schools in 5 school districts. Students improved an average of 3.1 reading levels. Tutors gave CTI a satisfaction rating of 8.8 out of 10.

The Columbus Tutoring Initiative will introduce the tutoring program at five new schools this fall—Finland, Harmon, Stiles, West Franklin, and Ohio Avenue.

Learn more about the Columbus Tutoring Initiative and how you can become a tutor.

For Your Prayer

The power that propels this ministry flows from the faithful and faith-filled prayers of dedicated Christians like you.

Praise God for…

  • The new High School Elevate group has been formed! The first meeting was on August 15.
  • Two Elevate groups (Drug Recovery and Immigrant/Refugee) are laying the groundwork for collaborative initiatives to impact their respective causes.
  • The OSU Elevate group had an insightful session with Christian counselor Greg Schad about responding to the anxiety/depression epidemic at OSU.
  • Five new tutoring programs are set to begin in October.
  • Sixty-one ministry leaders received Mission Increase training in how to communicate with donors effectively.
  • Pastors and leaders continue to receive encouragement and counsel in Tyler’s one-on-one sessions with them. He met with thirty-two individuals between in June-August.
  • Donors have given or pledged more than 40% towards the Mission Columbus 2018 fundraising goal of $55,000.

Ask God for…

  • Guidance and favor for the Drug Recovery and Immigrant/Refugee Elevate groups as they develop their initiatives.
  • Wisdom for the OSU Elevate leaders in how to address the anxiety/depression epidemic among their students…and the larger student body.
  • Rapid growth in the relationships and partnerships between the High School Elevate leaders.
  • A smooth launch for each of the five new programs in the Columbus Tutoring Initiative.
  • Growth in the leadership skills of each of the four leaders in the Leader Learning Group.
  • Favor on the Mission Columbus fundraising drive.
  • Organizational growth and effectiveness for each of the ministries in the Mission Increase training.
  • Continued encouragement and wisdom for the pastors in the monthly groups that Tyler leads and for the pastors and leaders he mentors.

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