Impact on Columbus, Ohio | October 2019

Executive Director’s Report

Tyler Flynn
Tyler Flynn, Executive Director

Someone wisely observed that there can be no success without a successor. Ministries risk being “one and done” unless the baton of leadership is carefully passed on to capable men and women. The Bible records many successful leadership transitions: Moses was succeeded by Joshua…David by Solomon…Elijah by Elisha…Jesus by the twelve (and the Holy Spirit!)…and Paul by Timothy. Sadly, it also records many failures.

For the past two years, the Mission Columbus Board has engaged in a thoughtful and prayerful process of identifying my successor. We are pleased and excited to announce that Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo will become the executive director of Mission Columbus effective June 2020. (My future role with Mission Columbus will be announced in December.)

Jean-Paul has an amazing story of survival growing up in Burkina Faso, West Africa. He was brought to Ohio at the age of eighteen by American missionaries, where he graduated from Bluffton College; he went on to receive a master’s degree from Eastern University. He served as the executive director of a relief ministry to Burkina Faso, the outreach pastor of a church in Ohio, and most recently he led a year-long evangelism project for Mission Increase and Mission Columbus.

We believe that Jean-Paul has the character, spiritual gifts, skills and personality necessary for leading Mission Columbus. He has a passion to see the church advance the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in our city. Most importantly, he is a practitioner of prayer, a discipline he first learned as a child and teenager in Africa. Purchase a copy of his compelling autobiography, My Faith or My Family.

Meet Jean-Paul!


People We Know | Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo

Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo
Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo

Age: 38
Residence: Columbus, OH
Family: My wife Rita Jo of 14 years, children: Moriah (9 ½ ); Caleb (7 ½ ) and Selah (17 Months)

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced when you immigrated to the US at the age of 17?
A: The language barrier and my inability to communicate fluently and interact with people.

Q: Give us a word of advice about how to relate to immigrants in our community.
A: Seek to understand; ask ‘curious’ questions. We need each other and have so much to learn from each culture.

Q: Who has had the biggest impact on your life?
A: My mentor, friend, and pastor Robin Ricks, Senior pastor of Christ Our King Church, Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Q: Tell us about your wife, Rita.
A: I couldn’t ask for a better mother for our children. Rita loves people deeply, a servant at heart, and someone who exemplifies life-on-life discipleship.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?
A: Reading/studying (biography, history); I enjoy being around water with the family; sporting events, or simply family nights with movie and popcorn

Q: What inspired you to become the executive director of Mission Columbus?
A: The ability to serve ‘those who serve’ and partner with other gospel coalitions for a holistic and sustainable citywide gospel movement impact.

Q: If you could accomplish only one thing as director, what would that be?
A: To see a ‘glimpse’ of heaven here on Earth by seeing the Church become unified as we live out John 17:21 and work side-by-side and seek the spiritual welfare and socio-economic conditions of Columbus, Ohio.

Equipping Organizations

Mission Increase

Mission Increase
Mission Columbus offers Christian organizations biblically-based teaching and coaching about developing their donors through its partnership with Mission Increase. Mission Increase Area Director Wally Martinson leads workshops, book studies and coaching to help leaders motivate their donors to be more fully involved in their ministry’s cause.

Learn more about Mission Increase and how your organization can receive this training.

Kingdom Calculator

Kingdom ROI (Return on Investment)
This valuable tool was developed by Saint Wall Street and is being sponsored by Mission Columbus. The calculator will make it possible for leaders to measure the actual outcomes and financial impact of their ministry. It’s available to ministry leaders now.

Enriching Leaders

Leader Learning Group
Gathering monthly for one year, Tyler meets with groups of next-generation leaders to sharpen their understanding of and application of leadership skills for the advancement of the Gospel. As they read and discuss selected books, their life and leadership skills are refined, their vision for God’s work in the city is enlarged, and their interpersonal relationships are enriched. The 2019-2020 group just finished The Making of a Leader by Robert Clinton.

Pastor and Leader Support
Pastors and leaders value the opportunity to share their personal concerns and ministry challenges with a trusted confidant and to receive counsel from an experienced leader.

Elevating Causes
Mission Columbus is bringing together leaders from church and para-church ministries that are serving the same causes. The purpose of the Elevate groups is for the leaders to connect and better know each other, to communicate what’s happening in their ministries, and to pray for each other and look for ways to work together to advance their cause.

Elevate Groups

  • The High School group is up made of leaders from Young Life, Youth for Christ and Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as the youth pastors of several area churches.
  • The Drug Recovery group is comprised of the leaders of Gospel-centered residential drug treatment programs.
  • The Immigrant/Refugee group is a representative team of leaders who are involved and passionate about ministry to the most vulnerable immigrants and refugees.
  • The Anti-Human Trafficking group is made up of leaders from multiple organizations that serve this critical cause. They meet periodically for interpersonal sharing and prayer.
  • The Workplace Ministry Forum represents ministries that equip Christian men and women to advance the Gospel among their colleagues at work.
  • HOPE Centers is made up of leaders of a dozen ministries that provide food, clothing, and employment counseling to the neediest people in central Ohio.

For Your Prayer

The power that propels this ministry flows from the faithful and faith-filled prayers of dedicated Christians like you.

Praise God for…

  • Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo has been chosen as the future executive director of Mission Columbus. He began serving as assistant director on September 1, 2019.
  • The Immigrant/Refugee Elevate group chose Kevin Vereide as its full-time director, effective October 1, 2019.
  • Thirty-five leaders from 10 Christian residential recovery ministries attended a state-wide summit hosted by the Drug Recovery Elevate group on August 8. Leaders were encouraged as they shared opportunities and challenges and studied best practices.
  • The Strategic Forecasting Project was launched on August 27. This initiative will identify spiritual and social trends that will impact central Ohio churches and ministries in the next 1-5 years.
  • The High School Elevate group is piloting strategic prayer groups in several high schools this year with students, parents and ministry leaders.
  • The Mission Columbus board identified key priorities for 2020 at its planning retreat on August 9.

Ask God for…

  • Vision for the greater impact of the citywide church at the For Columbus Leaders Summit on October 10, 2019.
  • A smooth transition for Jean-Paul into the role of executive director. The target is in June 2020.
  • Guidance, faith, and favor for Kevin Verdeide and the Immigrant Refugee Steering Team as they develop their organization and ministry.
  • Generous funding for the expanding ministry of Mission Columbus.
  • Direction for the Drug Recovery Elevate group as it considers whether to create a state-wide network of like ministries.
  • Wisdom and discernment for the Strategic Forecasting Project team as it enters the first phase of its initiative.
  • Growth in the life and leadership skills of each young leader in the Leader Learning Group.
  • Continued growth for each of the other Elevate groups (Anti-human Trafficking, Workplace and Hope Centers)…and direction for possible Christian counselors Elevate group.
  • Discernment and guidance for the Columbus Tutoring Initiative as it seeks a new director.

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