Director Search for the Immigrant and Refugee Elevate Group

We are a movement of Christ-followers serving, mobilizing and empowering the local church, Kingdom organizations and volunteers to in-turn serve the people. We endeavor to Elevate these ministries by promoting greater connection, communication, and collaboration to share the love of Christ with the nations God is sending to our area. Our primary focus is on serving the most vulnerable of the central Ohio New American immigrant, refugee, and asylee community, by partnering with churches and organizations to provide relief from suffering and help people rebuild their lives.

We have been meeting for a little over two years as a Steering Committee and gathering as a larger group for activities, training and prayer gatherings. Yet we see the needs persist and opportunities expand for those who serve our central Ohio foreign-born community, so we are now searching for a director.

We are seeking resumes through Monday, July 15, 2019. We plan to make a decision by late July to early August, with work to start September/early fall, yet we remain open to God’s guidance on the exact timing.

Please direct questions, indications of interest and resumes to:
Bruce Bernard, (614)403-8122
7373 Riverside Drive
Powell, OH 43065

Proposal to Hire Fulltime Director
What are the needs this proposal is seeking to address?

  • Foreign-born and (still) strangers living amongst us that have not experienced the love of Christ because we do not have enough workers
  • Ministries happen in isolation, so missed opportunities to learn from what is going well
  • Lack in sharing of resources and so overlap in training and use of resources
  • Some believers and ministries struggle to share the gospel as a part of serving
  • Limited knowledge of where there are gaps
  • Believers struggle to find ways to participate – lack of easy “on-ramp”
  • Lack of demonstrated unity in the body of Christ
  • Needs with these vulnerable people groups are ongoing. Remove: and we pray the opportunities will increase
  • Ministries find difficulty reaching the foreign-born in the workplace
  • There are opportunities for better connections between majority native-born congregations and majority foreign-born congregations.

Planning – Hire a full-time Director to work alongside the Steering Committee and Ministry Partners to develop a plan via:

  • Ongoing prayer for direction
  • Meeting with and surveying church and ministries leaders
  • Research what is working in other cities
  • Compiling a directory of resources, organizations, and churches
  • Look for overlaps and gaps
  • To then chart the course

Desired Outcome – Implement the plan to Elevate all ministries, so that:

  • Churches mobilize more workers to their cause
  • Parachurch organizations have partners and volunteers to serve
  • Christ-followers have onramps to churches and organizations
  • All have access to and share resources
  • Gaps are filled
  • Training coordinated and publicized
  • Unity in the body of Christ so more foreign-born individuals experience the love of Christ and here His name
  • Majority native-born congregations and majority foreign-born congregations experience a love for one another.

Type of person we are looking for – Qualifications and Character:

  1. Spiritually mature: Mature faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to the statement of faith. An active participant in a local church attends a local church, attends small group, healthy community life, disciple or mentored in some capacity, can transparently share about their relationship with Christ
  2. Ability to work independently
  3. Visionary Leader: able to see the larger picture and plan for the future, can facilitate meetings and make appropriate decisions with the leadership team, empowers leadership team members to operate in their strengths.
  4. Relational/Connector: History of building relationships with a diversity of people. Connected with or capable of networking with the variety of churches and parachurch refugee and immigrant ministries in central Ohio (relationally ‘in the know’) solid, trusted relationships that could become partnerships.
  5. Missional: does not lose sight of the vision to proclaim the Kingdom of God while also engaging on mercy and justice issues, ‘aggressive’ in prayer and ‘assertive’ in ministry, aware of or trained in a variety of missional methods i.e. DBS, frontiers strategy, bridge method, etc.
  6. Compassionate: History of compassion and actions related to immigrants and refugees, but also can operate with deep care and concern for the leaders of ministries.
  7. Experienced: cross-cultural experience a necessity, some significant overseas experience would be ideal.
  8. Administrative: for the purposes of coordinating gatherings and hosting large meetings.

Job description – What they do:
Phase 1: Preparation

  • Meet with and survey ministry leaders, assess needs, pray for them, determine their strengths and available resources, hear their concerns, desires, visions solicit participation, engagement, and ownership, and see how we can help them elevate the overall ministry.
  • Create a directory of evangelical churches/organizations that serve immigrants and refugees, categorizing them by types of ministries/resources/international neighborhoods/etc.
  • Research other cities, church ministries, and parachurch organizations to see how we can collaborate as ministries, improve programs, and meet more immigrant and refugee needs.
  • Research and determine the current most pressing needs of immigrants and refugees in central Ohio.
  • Propose what role our Elevate group could play in mobilizing/resourcing the church to address those opportunities.

Phase 2: Implementation

  • Plan and coordinate ministry leaders gathering for the sake of connection, collaboration, and communication of these leaders. Include spiritual elements that would encourage and build up these leaders. And plan these gatherings around specific topics.
  • Connect refugee, immigrant and ethnic churches with serving organizations and there serving churches.
  • Plan, coordinate and/or promote large group gatherings (i.e. prayer, conferences, training, etc.)
  • Communicate with Columbus city officials and leaders of secular organizations serving New Americans.
  • Recruit churches to get involved in the refugee and immigrant community, connect churches to existing ministries and vice versa.
  • Maintain healthy relationships with local resettlement agencies.
  • Maintain healthy relationships with local missionaries and mobilizers to partner and collaborate on events.
  • Identify gaps and strategies on how to fill those gaps, as well as the overlap.
  • Identifies the greatest opportunities for the church to advance the Gospel in the immigrant/refugee community over the next 1-3 years.
  • Form mini Elevate groups centered around areas of service/concern – areas like ESL, legal clinics, advocacy/rights, citizenship, housing, physical and mental health care, youth programs, aid and benefits, tutoring, etc. (Perhaps meet quarterly or as determined by the groups.)
  • Coordinate and help churches and organizations collaborate on training.
  • Encourage formation of faith-based Welcome Groups (new arrivals), Friendship Teams (those already here) and Conversation/Friendship Partners (more one-on-one contact).