Our Values

Christ-like character in the church and in those who lead the church
We believe that God receives glory through the godly character and conduct of His people and that unaddressed sin in the church grieves God and discredits Him in the eyes of the world.

Compassion ministries for the needy
We believe that the greatest impact will come when the whole Gospel is brought to bear on our city—great acts of love as well as the verbal message of salvation.

Partnerships within the Body of Christ
We believe that the task of the Great Commission is too great for any single church or ministry and that we will be successful only as we strategically work together.

Disciple-making congregations and ministries
We believe that Christ has called the church to develop not merely converts, but mature, highly committed, reproducing followers of Christ.  (A disciple-making congregation includes, but is not limited to, these components: vital worship, fruitful evangelism, life-transforming training, ongoing leadership development, strategic prayer and worldwide missions involvement.)

Reaching spiritually lost people
We believe that the church is responsible not only to build itself up, but also to take the Gospel of personal salvation to lost people from our neighborhoods to the nations.

Partnerships with community leaders and groups
We believe that the church has much to offer the community and that working with community groups to help people in need will earn favor for the advancement of the gospel.

Unity in the Body of Christ
We believe that the Body of Christ is not divided but is one under the headship of Christ.