3 Actions to Transform Donors into Champions

by Wally Martinson, Mission Increase

At its core, growing current donors into cheerful givers and active champions for your cause means you must be in relationship with them. You need to know them. You can’t know what would help them grow if you don’t know where they’re starting. Growing champions and cheerful givers requires a coaching-style relationship (previous big idea).
It would be easiest if we could sit down with a champion, figure out where they are and where they need to go, chart their course and send them on their way. But relationships aren’t linear like that, and growth isn’t linear like that either. Instead, I think of champion development as a process … or cycle.

Wally Martinson
Wally Martinson

Let’s look at a simple 3 point cycle for how to know … and grow … your champions:

  1. Discover — This is where we figure out what God has already been doing in this person’s life, what passion/burden they have in this cause, and begin to uncover what God might want FOR them by bringing them to this cause.
  2. Discern — With your champion, determine the way forward, identifying next steps with the champion, including non-cash next steps in the areas of praying, serving and sharing.
  3. Do — Execute the plan to invite and encourage specific steps, follow up, create some accountability.

Encourage your Board, Staff and current Champions to have these conversations with your current donors … and you will be taking a big next step to making your cause a movement!