10 Indicators to Measure Your Recovery from Substance Abuse

Adapted from The Teen Challenge Drug Treatment Program in Comparative Perspective, Aaron Todd Bicknese, Northwestern University, June 1999

  1. Have family or friends objected to your drinking or drug use?
  2. Do you neglect some of your usual responsibilities because of drinking or drug use?
  3. Have you drunk so much that you cannot remember what you said or did?
  4. Do you experience the shakes or other withdrawal symptoms?
  5. Are you employed full-time or are you a full-time student?
  6. How many times in the past six months were you arrested for various categories of offenses?
  7. Are you experiencing boredom, stress, or loneliness?
  8. Do you have friends who are abusing substances?
  9. Do you experience alcohol and/or drug cravings?
  10. Have you felt depressed over the last six months which lasted two weeks or more?